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Violence Prevention

Today it seems violent shootings have become normalized by the constant occurrence across the nation. At a rate that has some of our youth feeling they must stay dangerous just to feel safe. However, violence isn’t the only way to remain dangerous: obtaining knowledge and having power over yourself is dangerous. Bruce Lee once said, “The most dangerous man is one who listens, thinks, and observes.” Proving that no real decision can be made based upon emotion. Recently, there have been several local shootings within San Bernardino and Riverside Counties with fatal results. Altercations that escalated from verbal disagreements developing into aggressive behavior, creating a dangerous environment for others, and leaving victims with traumatic side effects. As a behavior coach, I encourage pro social behaviors with youth and constantly remind them of controlling what they can control. Knowing when they’ve been mistreated, but understanding not to overreact. Although, having been disrespected understanding that they’re still accountable for their actions and responding appropriately. Being able to regulate oneself is what makes one responsible, high-minded, and mature. Realizing you can respond with pettiness or maybe even violate someone, but choosing not to do so.

10 Ways to Diffuse Violent Altercation

  1. Conflict resolution; Negotiation

  2. Identify and Express triggers/stressors

  3. Recognize thoughts and feelings that precipitate body cues

  4. Take space when agitated

  5. Stop & Think Strategy

  6. Evaluating consequences of actions

  7. Problem Solving

  8. Redirection

  9. Active listening/communication

  10. Appropriate language and voice tone

Unfortunately, as humans, violence will always be existent. Ideally the ethics of non-violence sounds good, but it is a strategy set for failure because realistically people are and have always been violent, according to Niccolo Machiavelli. Knowing that people will always reserve their use of violence, Clay Counseling Solutions has partnered with Victory Outreach Church of San Bernardino and Young Visionaries Youth Leadership Academy on the Violence Intervention Program (VIP) to provide support and increase self-regulation throughout the city of San Bernardino. The Violence Intervention Program was designed as an effort to reduce gun violence citywide, improve outcomes for people at highest risk of violence, and strengthen trust working partnerships among community stakeholders. The program aims to meet goals through coordination of trauma informed culturally relevant violence intervention and prevention strategies, individual and family case management services, along with long term transitional service plans for highest risk individuals. If you have any questions, please contact us at (909) 804-8877 or


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