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Office Manager 
Administrative Assistant 

Devine holds the esteemed position of Administrative Assistant/Office Manager at Clay Counseling Solutions, where she plays a vital role in supporting the organization's operations and mission.


With a strong background in Customer Service, Devine brings a wealth of experience and expertise to her role, ensuring the smooth and efficient functioning of the office. Devine's commitment to the community is deeply ingrained in her professional endeavors, and she is passionate about leveraging her position at Clay Counseling Solutions to make a positive impact. With a keen awareness of the needs of underserved populations, Devine is dedicated to ensuring that all individuals have access to high-quality mental health services.

Devine values culturally competent services and holistic healing, recognizing the importance of addressing the unique needs and experiences of historically oppressed communities. She is committed to fostering an inclusive and supportive environment where individuals from diverse backgrounds feel respected, understood, and empowered on their journey toward healing and wellness.

In her role as Administrative Assistant/Office Manager, Devine embodies these values by prioritizing the needs of clients and colleagues alike. She strives to create a welcoming and efficient office environment that promotes collaboration, communication, and compassionate care.

Invest in the human soul. Who knows, it might be a diamond in the rough.

-Mary McLeod Bethune

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