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Many Americans easily become consumed in vanity that we forget about the less fortunate and those right in front of us who are unable. Creating possibility for a homeless man to have a greater sense of home and community than the man with two homes. For instance, say the man with two homes is working all the time, only valuing his work life. He might even have a maid and lawn care at both residences, and only come home in the evenings to sleep. A routine like this can easily take immaterial things for granted. Even though he can afford going back and forth from each home, spending his days in the office only prevent him from developing a home life in either two of his respective neighborhoods. He may have no compassion towards a neighbor holding a sign reading ‘Anything Helps.’ Not much outside of work has any value to him. Whereas, the man without any home must turn to his community in search of faith and value within himself to simply have reason to live. This man notices things in the neighborhood that often get overlooked. He may even attend community activities/causes he supports. This could be a person who volunteers at local facilities to provide services for others, or shows up to the facility seeking services and resources, but yet he makes it a habit to greet each employee by their name and with a smile. Although he is unable to help himself, he believes that kindness towards his neighbors can go a long way. The perspective of a man who knows nothing about his neighbors, and only comes to one of his homes to lay his head at night can too be considered homeless. Sometimes less is more.

In early 2018, California’s total homeless population was the largest in our nation and listed at 129,972. In May 2019, that number has now seen the largest decrease of -1,560 (about 1% reduction). The state of California also saw the largest decrease of homeless veterans of -600 (about 5% reduction). Although, we all cannot be responsible for anyone else’s circumstances, their survival depends on the knowledge and accessibility of resources. According to United Nations Sustainable Development, “..inequality persists and large disparities remain regarding access to health and education services and other assets.” Not providing them access to any knowledge or compassion will only strengthen the gap of inequality between rich and poor. “If you earned it, I think that’s good and I think that they deserve it, but even if you earned it you still owe. I don’t have those Mega money, but I still feel guilty… I feel like if I know I have $3,000 in my pocket then it’s wrong to give someone a quarter or a dollar. If they take it and drink it, they take it and drink it, but you still Got..” explains Tupac Shakur. Next time you exit a local freeway, please don’t overlook the person holding a sign reading “Need Help.” Spare some change, or even a smile and a prayer. If you know anyone in need of resources, services, or supplies please contact our office here, and we will provide further assistance in the appropriate direction.


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