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Restorative Practices

Clay Counseling Solutions are Restorative Practices Trainers who have been trained by the IIRP.


It is in our nature as humans to connect with others. We long for strong and meaningful relationships to thrive. Restorative Practices is an emerging social science that strengthen relationships between individuals as well as social connections within communities.


Restorative Practices offers a method of resolution for harm that provides restoration rather than punitive punishment. Here at Clay Counseling Solutions we aim to be a positive asset to the community through our use of Restorative Practices in our daily work. We want to connect and support individuals by continuously improving relationships within their spheres and our collective world.


Restorative practices are being applied in the following settings:

  • K-12 and Higher Education

  • Community Health

  • Organizational Leadership

  • Criminal Justice

  • Counseling and Social Work

Interested in training for yourself or your team in Restorative Practices?

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