Jane has been a licensed therapist since 1982.   

She first got into the field because she was teaching music to high risk adolescents at Van Horn Youth Center. Watching the students fighting through the hardships, Jane believes that she can make a bigger impact in their life as a therapist. 

 Jane received her Bachelor degree in Sociology, and with the encouragement of professors she decide to proceed in the field studying Master of Science in Clinical Psychology.   She later on got her PPS and Administrative credentials when she began working in education.   As a therapist then an administrator in charge of mental health programs.   Retired 5 yrs ago, but she knows she can do more for the children, thus she continued part time work with Clay Counseling Solutions, SBCSS, and teaching at the University of Redlands as well as keeping my private practice the whole time.

She hopes that through her practices, her clients can thrive and achieved the highest of their personal goal while maintaining a positive mental wellness.  


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