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Having learned through life's experiences, schoolwork, and sports, Donavan believes preparedness, awareness, and confidence stem from proper guidance. He spent several winter seasons coaching basketball for local kids while attending college in Iowa. After completing his sports career, he then entered an internship for a non-profit organization where he provided African-American high school students with resources to help their transition to universities. He gave them needed information to attend summer camps, apply for scholarships, study tips, extra-curricular activity suggestions, and other scholastic news/events they would not receive in the school front office. 

After completing his internship hours, Donavan spent a summer as a news reporter for Kids Sports News Network. Here, he developed and reported news stories covering all fall sports. As their sport season furthered, he was released from KSNN and referred to Therapeutic Behavioral Services by a high school teammate. Once he began the transition to mental health services, Donavan grew even more interested and would later join Clay Counseling Solutions as a Mental Health Specialist. His sessions are currently held at CCS office or at schools within Rialto Unified School District. As a mental health specialist, his efforts are to enhance referred youth by reducing/eliminating the occurrence of target behaviors through specified interventions. Through rapport building, decision making, environmental supports, and replacement behaviors, he hopes to help children express themselves appropriately.