Since the booming trend of healthy consumption, many have created fresh drinks of blended fruit and veggies as a morning smoothie. There are multiple benefits that include body detoxing, boosting metabolism, and strengthening immunity. But also provides a huge boost to our brains too!

Today we introduce to you a fresh blend recipe that gives your brain a head start for the day. 


  1. Small beets *3- Contains high concentrations of nitrate. After being digested it helps open blood vessels and blood flow in the brain. Sequentially, it improves our cognitive condition and slows down the progression of dementia. 
  2. Apples *2-3- Apples contain a rich source of quercetin; an antioxidant plant chemical that protects your brain cells, boost immunity, and helps prevent cognitive decline.
  3. Blueberry *8 ounces- Blueberries have plant compounds with antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties. Those properties are known for improving memory and reducing the damage of toxic substance in the brain.
  4. Fresh ginger *1/2 inches- Bioactive compounds such as acetycholine can be found in ginger which helps improve memory and attention.

What are you waiting for?! Visit your local market and give it a try! Share with us how the juice has helped you beet your morning blues.